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Tobacco warehouses were once very popular in the United States. While not nearly as many in number remain, tobacco warehouses are still in business, processing and creating a variety of nicotine products for consumers. If you are looking to do business with a wholesaler, consider the following important tips.

Tip #1: Consider the products available.
A modern tobacco warehouse should be a one-stop shopping destination for all your tobacco needs. Basic needs such as cigarettes, dip, and chewing tobacco should be offered in a wide variety of quality and price points. Additionally, consider whether the facility also offers loose tobacco and other accessories such as rolling papers or pipes. While cigars not be available at all tobacco retailers, some may offer domestics and imports. If you deal with international clients, also keep in mind the current tobacco trends in other countries, such as snuff and bidis.

Tip #2: Verify the tobacco warehouse's licensing information.
All tobacco warehouses operating within the United States are subject to strict regulatory requirements. Depending upon the state in which you will be purchasing and obtaining your tobacco products, verify the company's state licensing. Not only can dealing with unlicensed operations be dangerous to the health and welfare of your clients, but there could be legal ramifications for you as well.

Tip #3: Look closely at incentive programs.
If a tobacco warehouse is offering you incentives to gain your business, look over them closely to ensure you are in compliance with state and federal laws. There are also special regulations that apply to duty free shops.

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