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Seek out naturopathic physicians when you need a doctor skilled in homeopathy, holistic medicine and acupuncture. These doctors dabble in many alternative medical practices, often recommending the use of herbs and natural health care practices. This branch of alternative medicine is based on a holistic approach to therapy, with many naturopathic physicians (NDs or NMDs) operating their own practice. Here are some frequently asked questions about naturopathy:

How Can a Naturopathic Doctor Help Me?
Naturopathic physicians can diagnose, treat and heal patients using a holistic approach using the least invasive measures necessary to improve or relieve symptoms. They generally frown upon unnecessary drugs or surgery, with this form of alternative medicine taking its roots from the vital energy or force that guides metabolism, reproduction, growth and adaptation. This branch of medicine regards the body as a whole functioning unit. Expect a strong emphasis on homeopathy, where treatment of disease is given by small doses of natural substances that in a healthy person would show symptoms of disease.

Is Acupuncture Considered Naturopathic?
Yes. This form of disease or pain treatment involves the placement of fine needles at strategic points on the skin. This practice harks back to ancient China, designed to correct imbalances in the flow of qi through meridians or channels.

What Backgrounds do Naturopaths Possess?
Naturopathic physicians, trained practitioners in natural medical modalities, may have backgrounds in conventional medicine, therapeutic nutrition, botanical medicine, classical Chinese medicine or homeopathy. They may also have backgrounds in midwifery or herbal medicine. The professionals are often proponents of natural childbirth, acupuncture, alternative therapy, massage, and even hydrotherapy.

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