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Landfills in Burns, Wyoming

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Many towns and communities have a dump where anyone can dispose of household waste and garbage. Before many laws, most dumps had few limits on what could be put into the landfill and not surprisingly, the garbage also included a fair amount of toxic industrial waste and animal carcasses. These days, modern landfills are a combination garbage dump and recycling center that are carefully regulated. Waste management professionals do everything they can to maximize their allotted space by regulating the items that come through their gates. If you're considering taking a load of materials to the landfill, here are some things to consider.

  • Be certain to sort out items that can be recycled from the organic waste.
    Most household garbage contains an incredible amount of materials that can be recycled. This includes paper, glass and aluminum. Getting these items to a recycling center helps reduce the burden on the landfill and makes the items already there biodegrade a little faster.

  • Find out exactly what items are accepted at your garbage dump and on which days.
    Waste management is a science and landfill operators are always seeking to maximize space in their facilities. That's why certain items, like anything toxic, are not accepted. Call ahead or you might be stuck driving around a truckload of debris that can't actually be dumped.

  • Remember that the landfill is not the place to dispose of animal carcasses.
    Many people still operate under the mistaken impression that dead livestock and household pets can be taken to the trash dump. This practice of treating animals like household trash is not only unsanitary, it's distasteful.

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