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Fur Dealers Retail in Bismarck, North Dakota

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The following questions are commonly asked about buying furs from fur retailers:

How much should I pay for a fur coat?
Fur prices vary. They are determined primarily by the type of fur used. For example, a female mink coat will cost more than a male mink coat. Other factors that affect pricing the garment include its length, its designer, and its style. When visiting a furrier, the sales associate will explain how they price their furs.

What is the difference between sheared and unsheared fur?
Animal fur is made up of different hairs underneath the main coat of fur. A sheared fur coat removes all the hair underneath the main layer. Unsheared fur still has the layers of hair attached to the skin. The main difference is that an unsheared fur coat is warmer than a sheared one. Take this into account if you are going to primarily wear the coat during the winter.

Does rain or dyes affect my fur coat?
The short answer is no. Dying your fur coat may affect how soft the fur is afterward, but it will not ruin the coat. The same is true for rain or water damage. After all, when the animal lived in the wild it got rained on quite a bit, but it's fur remained intact. Simply hang the fur coat out to dry after it was exposed to water and it should be as good as new. When visiting a fur retailer, the sales associate will outline the proper way to take care of your fur coat. With proper care, you can pass down your fur coat to your family members.

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