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Dry Ice in Charleston, South Carolina

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Dry Ice is frozen carbon dioxide, which is much colder than traditional ice. Dry ice is usually made by special dry ice manufacturers and dealers who sell dry ice for a variety of purposes. Dry ice is commonly used when cleaning and remodeling, as it can assist in the removal of floor tiles and is frequently used with blasting equipment to clean surfaces and clean hard-to-remove stains. Dry ice is also frequently used as packing material when shipping perishable food or other food items that need to be frozen, such as ice cream. Dry ice is often used by hunters as well, so their game does not rot on the way home.

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Mac Gases
101 Bombay Dr, Columbia, SC 29209 Write a review
Airgas Inc
1404 Old Dairy Dr, Columbia, SC 29201 Write a review
Westside Ice Co
1801 Two Notch Rd, Columbia, SC 29204 Write a review

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