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Denture Repair Service in North Miami Beach, Florida

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Common denture problems include slippage, difficulty speaking or chewing food, lack of adhesion, and mouth soreness. Dentures sometimes crack and become displaced. Or you may have a cosmetic problem such as wrinkles around your mouth. Dental implants are prone to becoming loose over time. Even partial dentures sometimes require repair. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when seeking out repair.

  • Figure out if you can repair your dentures at home.
    Experts warn against using random glue to fix your dentures. It can eat away at your teeth. Instead, use a repair kit, which may include professional acrylic resins, bonding adhesive, upper and lower duplicate teeth, and a cleaner. You can use the kit for such repairs as a chipped or cracked false tooth. If food gets jammed under the gum or between your false teeth, you can floss it out yourself and then flush it with a mixture of half peroxide and half water.

  • Call the dentist who performed your denture work to discuss your problem.
    Your dentist can discuss your symptoms if you are unsure of what repair you need. Some symptoms, such as soreness after implant surgery, are normal. But if your removable partial dentures make your gums sore, you may need an adjustment.

  • Ask what the repair will cost, and what your terms will be.
    If your dentist’s rate is high or requires upfront payment, you can find a different dentist to perform the repair. Ask about costs and payment terms.

  • Find an emergency service if you need emergency repair.
    For speedy repair of a pressing issue, such as a broken bridge that you need replaced right away, find a same-day service. These dentists have a dental laboratory and technician on-hand. In the case of a late-night emergency, dial a 24-hour call center.

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    8100 S.w. 10th Street, Suite #2000 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324   [SHOW MAP]
    Our North Miami Beach Denture Services and Denture Repair Service in the local area provides service and repair for your dentures at low rates. In North Miami Beach, we provide relining, adhesives, grips, and other implant help. We also provide cleaning , bridges and cushions.

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