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Carnivals in Hobbs, New Mexico

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Carnivals are short-term fairs or festivals where you can find amusement rides, food, games, and other things to entertain the people who attend. There can be special booths, and appearances by different people (Radio Station DJs, local celebrities) along with some musical entertainment. Traveling carnivals are businesses that can be hired to bring all the elements of a carnival to a location. You will often find carnivals at state and county fairs, as well as at smaller venues such as schools or malls. Carnivals are often run for the purpose of raising funds. Carnivals can be fun and entertaining places to take your family. --How to Find Carnivals-- There are many different traveling carnival operators out there. Most carnivals are not made up of just one operator. There is usually a carnival owner who might own the majority of the rides and possibly a few special interest items (i.e. food wagons or games). Then there are people who "book" rides in with a carnival that pay the owner a percentage of what the ride grosses. There are also concessionaires who run food wagons or games, who are separately owned from the ride owners and operators. The Internet can be an excellent resource for locating all of the different people and businesses that you will need to put your carnival together.

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