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Public transportation, such as trains and buses, can save you the headache of driving as well as providing a cheaper alternative to using your own car. Some bus lines operate only locally, driving around a single city or county. Other bus lines travel from state to state. Still others operate to serve as party buses and are often available for rent. Below are some common considerations when using a bus.

  • Know the bus route and number.
    This can be somewhat confusing at first, but since getting on the wrong bus will take you to the wrong destination, you need to know your bus number. Most public transportation agencies publish bus schedules that you can examine to find your best bus route.

  • Know your stations.
    This is important if your public transportation system has different transportation lines. Transfers from one line to another are usually only offered at certain stations.

  • First timers should plan ahead.
    If you have never taken a bus before, allow extra time in case you make mistakes. Make sure you learn how the ticketing on the bus works, if they take cash or if they require tokens or a certain type of pass. If at all possible, especially if you are using a charter line, try and buy your tickets in advance. Know the schedule of the bus.

  • Watch your children.
    Children who have never ridden buses before may be terrified of the school bus or not know what to do. If this is the case with your child, try to find a slightly older child who rides the bus to help them during the first week or so of school. Sometimes young children are not sure when they have to get off of the bus, so if at all possible have a parent waiting for the child.

  • FEATURED LISTINGS: Bus Lines in Great Falls
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    111 K Street Ne 9th Floor Washington, DC 20002   [SHOW MAP]
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    GENERAL LISTINGS: Bus Lines in Great Falls
    Rimrock Trailways Bus Terminal
    326 1st Ave S, Great Falls, MT 59401 Write a review
    Great Falls Tra
    326 1st Ave S, Great Falls, MT 59401 Write a review
    Big Sky Bus Lines Inc
    2920 15th St, Black Eagle, MT 59414 Write a review
    Great Falls Transit District
    3905 N Star Blvd, Great Falls, MT 59405 Write a review
    Hall Transit Charter Service Inc
    2620 Upper River Rd, Great Falls, MT 59405 Write a review
    Laidlaw Transit Inc
    3020 Big Sky Loop, Helena, MT 59602 Write a review
    G & L Transit
    1310 Birch St, Helena, MT 59601 Write a review
    Treasure State Transit
    3000 Bozeman Ave, Helena, MT 59601 Write a review
    Rimrock Trailways Bus
    630 N Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59601 Write a review
    Helena Area Transit Service
    1415 N Montana Ave, Helena, MT 59601 Write a review

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